Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Automobile Manufacturing 101

I am not a smart person so could somebody please explain to me how closing an automobile dealership improves an automobile manufacturer's bottom line? As far as I can see, it only creates unemployment and thus increases the voting base for the Democrat party with no positive effect to the manufacturer's bottom line.

I could be wrong though.


  1. Momma always says, stupid is as stupid does. (another Gump quote to go with your opener) But in this case I believe your word puzzle is a cunundrum, inside an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Glad to see you started a blog! Now get blogging mister!

  2. Ah Blade, your answer is refreshing. Did that come from a prompter? As for the blogging, well, I haven't decided yet how nasty I want to get...decision soon, stay tuned.

  3. Closing a profitable automobile dealership makes all the sense in the world when the owner supports your political opposition.